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Malaysia’s Entrepreneurs’ Night Out 2017?

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Malaysia’s Entrepreneurs’ Night Out 2017 (#MENO2017) aims to bring together the nation’s leading entrepreneurs, business figures and young professionals to celebrate and build bridges through a shared passion for entrepreneurship. Malaysia is  in the midst of an entrepreneurial revolution with the emergence currently of many daring individuals who are changing the nation through innovative ventures and start-ups. #MENO2017 provides an amazing opportunity to learn from the experiences of these entrepreneurs and network with them. 3 inspiring speakers will share their entrepreneurship stories at #MENO2017, with the rest of the night providing ample opportunities to network, make new friends and build strong connections with over hundreds of entrepreneurs from diverse industries.

  • Connect with Leading Entrepreneurs, Exciting Start-ups & Seasoned Investors from all over Malaysia.
  • Learn and gain insights from Notable Speakers who will be sharing their experiences with you with Q&A and interaction opportunities.
  • Make new like-minded Friends who share a common passion for entrepreneurship at a casual setting.
  • Meet new Business Partners and Co-Founders who may be crucial to your own journey or career.

At #MENO2017 You Can Expect To…

There are many reasons why you should attend #MENO2017, but we’ve highlighted the top 3:

Details of #MENO2017

Event Date & Time

MENO#2017 will be held on the night of 16th March 2017 from 8 p.m. - 12 a.m.


#MENO2017 will be held at STRATOSPHERE situated at The Roof located at Petaling Jaya.

Guest Speakers

Aside from a night of networking, during #MENO2017, 3 Notable Entrepreneur Speakers will be speaking on their entrepreneurship experiences with Q&A opportunities from the attendees.

Speakers of #MENO2017

3 Notable Malaysian Entrepreneurs will be speaking and sharing their entrepreneurship stories at #MENO2017

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#MENO2017 is just around the corner, don’t miss out on this exclusive event of the year!

Early-Bird Tickets

RM 19.99

Normal Tickets

RM 40.00

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